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Steklov Mathematical Institute  of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Arithmetic as Geometry: Parshin Fest

(Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia, November 26–29, 2012)

The participants of the conference are housed either in the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkina, 8, or in the guesthouse of the Faculty of Mathematics of the Higher School of the Economics, Vavilova, 7.

Steklov Mathematical Institute
The Steklov Mathematical Institute is located within a walking distance from the metro station "Akademicheskaya" ("Академическая"), orange line, South. It takes about 10–15 minutes to get from the station to the institute. First one should take Dmitriya Ulyanova street (Дмитрия Ульянова) and then Vavilova street (Вавилова), see the map.

The hotel is on the first floor. One should show a passport to the guard at the entrance of the building. Then one goes to the right till the very end and takes a stairway. A guardian will help.

ATTENTION: Regularly, the entrance to the hotel closes at 23:00. If you plan to come later, please, inform the organizers in advance.

Vavilova, 7
The HSE Faculty of Mathematics is located within a walking distance from the metro station "Leninskiy prospect" ("Ленинский проспект"), orange line, South. First one should take an unnamed street and then Vavilova street (Вавилова), see the map.

One should show documents at the reception and then take the elevator. A person at the reception will help.

To get to the Steklov Institute one walks 25 minutes straight along Vavilova street or one takes the trams nos. 14, 39 from the station "Metro Leninskiy prospect (Yuzhnii Vyhod)" ("Метро Ленинский проспект (южный выход)") to the station "Ulitsa Gubkina" ("Улица Губкина"), 4 stops along Vavilova street.

Connection with airports
One can either take a taxi (about 40–50 USD) or to use a high-speed railway, called Aeroexpress (with moderately priced tickets). The Aeroexpress connects all international airports in Moscow with the subway stations: "Belorusskaja" for the Sheremetyevo airport, "Paveletskaja" for the Domodedovo airport, and "Kievskaja" for the Vnukovo airport. The timetables of the Aeroexpress and other details are available on the official site

The map of Moscow Metro (subway) can be found here. Both accommodation places are on the orange (Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya) line, South. One changes the green line and the orange line at Novokuznetskaya-Tretyakovskaya and one changes the brown line and the orange line at Oktyabrskaya.

Conference sessions
The conference sessions will take place at the Steklov Institute, conference hall, 9th floor. The elevators are located in the middle of the long corridor on the ground floor. See the schedule.

Wifi connection
In the Steklov Institute there is an open wireless network connection on the first floor (hotel) and on the 9th floor (conference hall); the network name is 'MIAN-FREE'. Besides, there is a network 'MIAN' with the login 'mianconf' and the same password. However, some settings on the computer are required, see more details here.

There are two open wifi connections in the HSE guesthouse (Vavilova, 7): the network 'HSE-DM', login 'vavilova7' and the network 'vavilova', login 'dfdbkjdj'.

Also, there will be a computer and a printer available nearby the conference hall.

The cafeteria of the Steklov Institute is located on the ground floor of the building (first floor in Russian). After the entrance one should go to the right till the very end.

Each day (including week-ends) a breakfast will be served 9:00–10:00 AM at this cafeteria for people housed at the Steklov Institute.

Each day (including week-ends) a breakfast will be served 9:00–10:30 AM for people housed at the HSE guesthouse (Vavilova, 7) in the cafeteria on the 10th floor (after the elevator one turns twice to the left).

A lunch will be served from Monday till Thursday for all participants of the conference.

There will be a welcome reception party on Monday evening and a conference dinner on Wednesday evening.

Here are some restaurants nearby the Steklov Institute and Vavilova, 7:
Goodman (steak house), Leninski, 57;
Také (Japanese cuisine), 60-letiya Oktyabrya, 20;
Botik Petra (fish place), Vavilova, 39;
Vkus Lotosa (Vietnamese cuisine), Dmitriya Ulyanova, 5;
Melang (Italian cuisine), Leninski, 68/10;
Prima Vera (cheap Italian cuisine), Dmitriya Ulyanova, 5a;
Gastronomica (expensive fish place), Leninski, 57;
Black Sea Riviera (Caucasian cuisine), 60-letiya Oktyabrya, 8a;
Dragon Temple (Chinese-Japanese cuisine), Leninski, 37;
Giardino Italiano (Italian cuisine), Leninski, 37;
Sky Lounge (expensive but a fantastic view), Leninski, 32a.

Some of the chains in Moscow:
Shesh-Besh (Шеш-Беш) (Caucasian cuisine),
Elki-Palki (Елки-Палки) (Russian cuisine),
Mumu (Муму) (Russian cuisine).

Public transportation in Moscow
Bus, tram, and trolleybus
One ride costs 28 RUR; a driver sells tickets. One inserts a ticket with a blank side up into the machine at the entrance of a transport. Keep the ticket till the end of the ride — controllers are possible.
Metro (subway)
See the map of Moscow metro here. One ride costs 28 RUR, ten rides cost 265 RUR; see more details here. There are ticket offices nearby turnstiles after the entrance to the metro.

All transport information:

ATM machines
There is an ATM machine in the Steklov Institute (it accepts Visa, MasterCard, but does not accept Amex). It is located in the middle of the long corridor on the ground floor nearby the elevators. There is also an ATM machine close to the Steklov Institute at Vavilova, 23C1, see the map.

Steklov Mathematical Institute

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